If Your Business Leaks Contaminants...

Damage from a fire, flood or other disaster might not stop at your property line. If the damaging force causes pollutants or contaminants from your property to enter the environment, such as leaking onto a neighboring premises, your business can be held liable for the cost of cleanup.
In some cases, such as heavy manufacturers, gas stations and waste storage facilities, the risk of contaminants is obvious. However, many businesses, including warehouses, golf courses, landscapers, commercial printers and farms, are also at risk of incurring significant cleanup costs due to contamination. Unfortunately for most businesses, standard liability insurance will not pay the cost to clean up contaminants.
Businesses with small exposure to contamination liability may have the option to amend the general liability policy to help cover the cost of cleanup. For businesses with a greater exposure, a separate liability policy is probably necessary.
We can help identify your contamination exposures and give you coverage options. Give us a call.

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