Online Posts Can Be Risky

A recent survey conducted by a major insurance company shows evidence that blog posts, tweets and other online communication could have deleterious consequences for individuals and their employers.

“A foolish post or a tweet could cost you a job or even trigger a libel lawsuit,” says Christie Alderman, vice president of Chubb & Son and new product and services manager with Chubb Personal Insurance. “We all should think twice before posting any comment online.”

One of the major concerns for employers is when employees fail to obtain permission to share copyrighted materials on employer-sponsored sites and intranets. The survey showed that 60% of respondents said they rarely obtain permission to cut and paste articles, artwork and other information before e-mailing them or printing them out.

The pervasiveness of online communications may make it impossible for your firm to edit every post or action generated by an employee. If the worst happens and their actions land your firm in a libel or copyright infringement lawsuit, do you know if your firm’s general liability policy will pay?

We can help you determine what coverage may be available under your current liability insurance program and, if necessary, what steps may be taken to get coverage.  Call today.

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