Changes to Business Owners Policy

Traditionally, a business owners policy (BOP) offers businesses an excellent alternative to purchasing business income insurance on a standalone basis. While most BOPs still include business income insurance, many providers have taken measures to limit this coverage.

Online Posts Can Be Risky

A recent survey conducted by a major insurance company shows evidence that blog posts, tweets and other online communication could have deleterious consequences for individuals and their employers.

“A foolish post or a tweet could cost you a job or even trigger a libel lawsuit,” says Christie Alderman, vice president of Chubb & Son and new product and services manager with Chubb Personal Insurance. “We all should think twice before posting any comment online.”

If Your Business Leaks Contaminants...

Damage from a fire, flood or other disaster might not stop at your property line. If the damaging force causes pollutants or contaminants from your property to enter the environment, such as leaking onto a neighboring premises, your business can be held liable for the cost of cleanup.

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